In this tutorial, I will show you some extra security feature that was introduced into android since lollipop versions and
it is in all its latest released versions and it is called MOBILE ANTI THEFT.This feature enables you to remotely swipe your android phone's data, lock and unlock your android phone through text message.

Mobile Anti theft enables you to add Emergency contact(s).
Because of its high level of security, factory reset even can't turn this feature off when it has been activated.
NB: You will be asked to enter your Mobile anti theft PIN whenever you insert a sim into your android phone.

functions/purpose of the Emergency contact(s)

  1. When you insert any sim in to your android phone, the sim will automatically send mobile anti theft message to the emergency contact(s).

    NB: Check the number that sent the message to your emergency contact(s), that is the number of the sim inserted in your android phone.
  2. After recieving the sim number, you can remotely swipe your phones's data by sending Remote Control Commands via normal text message.

    eg; The command used to lock the phone is #lock# ,so you will send this command to the number your recieved and your phone will lock like magic.

    NB: Only emergency contact(s) can be used to send these messages.
    • You can use any phone number as your emergency contact(s). eg; Your mum's number, your dad's number. your sister's number or your friend's number.

let's get started on how to enable mobile anti theft

  1. Go to your phone's setting
  2. Click on security(mostly at the bottom)
  4. Scroll down till you see mobile anti theft and click on it, by default, it is turned off.
    • i already activated mine that is why I had two options
    • but because of showing you how to enable it, i'll choose setup new setting.
    • after clicking on setup new setting you will get a similar display as the screenshot below
  5. Now, set the anti theft PIN.
    • as soon as you click on next, you'll get a similar display as below
    •      k
    • this is where you will set your emergency contact(s)
  6. So type the number you will like to use or click on the add number button to open your phone's contact list(You can add as many numbers as you want to your emergency contact)
  7. You will get a similar display as below after adding the emergency contact(s)
    • in order not to forget your remote control commands, check the back up the remote commands to emergency contacts via SMS so that all the remote control commands will be sent to your emergency contact(s), and click done.
  9. After clicking done you'll get the main menu of Mobile anti theft which is similar to the screenshot below.

WELL DONE, That's all on how to activate android extra security feature

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