I've been getting email messages on how to control their computer using smartphones, so i'll show you how to in this post.
It's been a while now since remote connections to windows via smartphones was introduced in to the system but many people do not know how to set up and start up.
Tools needed for this tutorial are;
  1. Computer
  2. Any Smartphone (Android,iphone, linux)
  3. VNC server for the PC you want to remotely access and VNC viewer for your Phone
  4. VNC account

  • Firstly, create your VNC account here
  • Download VNC server to your PC here.
  • Download VNC viewer to your phone here
  • Let's get rolling

    Configuration for PC
    1. Install VNC server to your computer after the download, and press run to open the VNC server

  • Sign in to the VNC server app using your VNC account credentials (the account you created earlier).

  • Specify a strong password for the VNC server, make sure it differs from your VNC account password

  • Press done or OK

  • Configuration for your smartphone(the one you want to control your pc from)
    1. Open the VNC viewer your downloaded to your phone and sign in using the same VNC account credentials
    2. You'll automatically find your computer after signing in and tap on it.....Enter the remote password you specified at the install-time on your PC(Not the password for your VNC account) and you are set.

    You can share your connection with family and friends :)

    Contact Us if you stuck anywhere

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