EBay has some killer iPhone deals: iPhone X excluded

Let's get it away right from the start, iPhone lovers, there aren't any hot iPhone X deals this Black Friday season. So if you're looking to buy one, you still have to pay full sticker price for it in an Apple store or look for a regular deal from carriers.
However, if the notch isn't on your Christmas shopping list this season, but you are looking for a new iPhone nonetheless, you should absolutely check out the following iPhone 8, iPhone 7, and iPhone 6s deals.

Available on eBay, these iPhone offers are perfect for those iPhone buyers who want brand new unlocked iPhones, but aren't looking for trade-in deals or offers on installment plans from carriers.
The handsets are discounted by up to $30, they come with no tax and free shipping, and they're sold by the same retailer that hosted a similar Black Friday promo last year. eBay seller alldayzip told BGR that it sold 20,000 discounted iPhone 7 units during the 2016 holiday period. This means there should be plenty of iPhones to buy this year as well.
Here's what they have in store this Black Friday season:
  • $915 256GB iPhone 8 Plus (save $34 and pay no tax)
  • $819 256GB iPhone 8 (save $30 and pay no tax)
  • $769 64GB iPhone 8 Plus (save $30 and pay no tax)
  • $674 64GB iPhone 8 (save $20 and pay no tax)
  • $649 32GB iPhone 7 Plus (save $20 and pay no tax)
  • $629 128GB iPhone 7 (save $20 and pay no tax)
  • $435 32GB iPhone 6s (save $14 and pay no tax)
Again, too bad the iPhone X isn't included in this offer.

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